While it’s widely known and referred to today as WSB Distributors, the business underwent several name changes during 1960s, changing to Walker & Stanway in 1966. Soon after, with the involvement of Blyth-based Massey Ferguson dealers John and Elva Beckman, it became Walker Stanway and Beckman.

The trading name, WSB Distributors, was introduced in 1968.

Through the 70s and 80s, WSB Distributors consolidated its position as a leading machinery and vehicle dealer by adding Kubota and Silvan franchises as well as Subaru, Renault, Peugeot, and later Toyota.

With the rapid growth of the wine grape industry in the Clare Valley during this time, WSB Distributors also became a major supplier of viticulture equipment.


John and Joyce Walker retired from the business on June 30, 1985, selling their share  to Brian and Raelene’s second son Robert, who today remains a Director with brother Phil, acting as company director, accountant and economist, playing an integral part in the success of business.

In 1993 Brian Stanway retired due to ill-health and long-time employee and sales manager, Trevor Fairchild, stepped up as company manager.

It was at this time that Brian and Raelene’s youngest son Phil, came home to work in the family business as managing director & sales manager.